Subversion 1.6 released

We currently use SVN to enable us to do release management of deployments. The SVN server holds all our kickstart, post installation and configuration scripts, as well as distribution scripts for software packages (Oracle database, application server, OEM, the OEM agent and more). The actual packages are not in SVN but on an NFS server. CollabNet released a new version of Subversion (SVN) a few days ago. And I'm excited! Subversion 1.6 introduces several new features, including improved authentication (Apache + LDAP) and file system storage as well as better handling of tree conflicts. Check the release notes for full details.

The new version also introduces a new public way to reference the history of the repository. You can now read older versions of files through the web interface without the need for a SVN client. This enables 3rd party tools do innovative things through an easy to use interface into SVN.


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