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Performance and Provisioning for Virtualized Oracle

EMC (VMware) has a great technical webcast and PDF online about Performance and Provisioning for Virtualized Oracle. I highly recommend you listen to it or read the sheets. Very informative if you want to use virtualized Oracle databases in a production environment.

Most set-ups of virtualizing Oracle databases on VMware fail because storage I/O becomes a bottleneck. It turns out, 50% of all surveyed set-up had storage configured wrong. The problems has to do with storage queues in the VM and subsequently on the ESX host. Additionally, vSphere 4.1 introduces features (SIOC) to optimize the I/O better to the SAN and para virtualized SAN drivers can further reduce latency and increase throughput.

Then the webcast also mentions Oracle's "native" NFS client (dNFS, PDF) inside the database kernel. This reduces the CPU overhead and latency normally observed on NFS client in the OS. By using Oracle's native NFS client, you can use shared storage in a grid computing environme…