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cvs2svn: convert cvs to svn/git/bazaar/mercurial

Want to move your legacy CVS repository into the next century but are afraid to loose information or damage your business-critical source code? Don't worry and please do as soon as you can!

cvs2svn has released a new version. cvs2svn is a tool for migrating a CVS repository to Subversion, git, Bazaar, or Mercurial. The main design goals are robustness and 100% data preservation. Release 2.3.0 primarily improves the support for converting to git and Bazaar (including explicit cvs2git and cvs2bzr scripts). This release also adds a few other minor features and fixes a bug when converting to git with non-inline blobs.

Tuning the nscd name cache daemon

I've been playing a bit with the nscd now and want to share some tips related to tuning the nscd.conf file.

To see how the DNS cache is doing, use nscd -g.

nscd configuration:

0 server debug level
26m 57s server runtime
5 current number of threads
32 maximum number of threads
0 number of times clients had to wait
yes paranoia mode enabled
3600 restart internal

passwd cache:
no cache is enabled
[other zero output removed]
group cache:
no cache is enabled
[other zero output removed]

hosts cache:

yes cache is enabled
yes cache is persistent
yes cache is shared
211 suggested size <====
216064 total data pool size
1144 used data pool size
3600 seconds time to live for positive entries <====
20 seconds time to live for negative entries
66254 cache hits on …

Red Hat name caching

Got a question about Linux name caching today. Some servers are requesting the same hostname to the DNS server every 2 seconds...
Looked into it and the name caching daemon is not running. Got all the answers I needed here: alt.os.linux.redhat: Re: DNS cache on a RH9 system?. Also found a separate package called dnscache. And a HOWTO for bind to create a local DNS cache on your workstation or server. Simply starting nscd and editing nscd.conf seems sufficient for me now.

BTW, here is my updated /etc/nscd.conf. If anyone has more pointers, please comment.

logfile /var/log/nscd.log
# use 1-10 for more verbose debugging into log
debug-level 0
# 3 minimum, 5 default
filethreads 5
# 32 is default
max-threads 32
# restart intervals may fail if non-root
server-user nscd
# user granted to check nscd stats using 'nscd -g'
stat-user nagios
# 5 is default
reload-count 5
# restart periodically
paranoia yes
# restart every 4 hrs, default is 1 hour
#restart-interval 14400