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Sudoreplay Manual

Using sudoers in Linux to implement security is commonly done. Often administrators or operators allow themselves to 'sudo su -' to become root, without the need to know the root password. This is more comfortable as you don't need to type "sudo" in front of every command and your sudoers file becomes less exhaustive without the need to specify every command operators and sysadmins need.

However, enforcing everyone - even sysadmins - to prepend every command with "sudo" creates an audit trail when sudo logs to a file. This often required for compliancy reasons.

Now there is a command to playback sudo logs: Sudoreplay Manual.

Dell TechCenter: KVM Virtualization Made Easy

Dell TechCenter posted a very easy "how to get started" guide for KVM Virtualization that you may find useful if you're just getting started and know little or nothing about virtualization (in Linux or elsewhere). It's good for the basics.