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MAC Addresses of embedded NICs on Dell servers through DRAC

Robin at found a great and handy way to discover the MAC addresses of the embedded NICs of your Dell (PowerEdge) servers. Instead of going through DRAC, logging in, starting Java, etc. you can also get the same using the RAC command line interface: racadm racdump. Read the article on for complete details. Excellent! If only I could find a similar command for my 500 PE2950 servers with DRAC5...

RHEL 5.4 Kickstart Options

Now that Red Hat 5 update 5 is out, we're gonna look at 5u4. Release Notes said kickstart was changed and enhanced from previous versions. Here is documentation of the kickstart options and parameters that you can now use in RHEL (and OEL) 5.4.

TortoiseSVN: updating subversion WC on startup in Windows

Been looking for a way to automatically update my subversion Working Copies (WCs) in Windows using TortoiseSVN. Since it was a GUI, I didn't bother to look for a CLI. :( Duuh!

I can happily report that there is a command-line interface (CLI) to TortoiseSVN that let's you create a shortcut to update a given WC for you. If you'd place that in your startup folder, it would update your WC(s) upon login. Check Appendix D.Automating TortoiseSVN.

I created a shortcut svn_update in Windows to run TortoiseProc.exe from Program Files, using the WC as the start-up directory. And the entire command-line reads:
TortoiseProc.exe /command:update /path:"c:\subversion\io_se"

OEL5.5 released

Oracle has released an update to Unbreakable Linux, shortly after Red Hat released RHEL 5 update 5. Oracle's Linux portal ULN should have OEL5.5 available by now.

Oracle's Linux OEL is downloadable by anyone, provided you register first. Only updates cost money.

Red Hat 5.5 released

Red Hat released RHEL 5.5. More new hardware is supported, of course, and improvements for Virtualization and Interoperability have been incorporated. That really says nothing, so check details in the Release Notes and Technical Notes.