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Clam AntiVirus

While waiting for McAfee binaries for Linux, I was told me quickly get some anti-virus solution up and running so we'd be able to cover our assesbases. Naturally, I turned to Clam AntiVirus. For some reason, the Oracle Enterprise Linux RPM pages did not show clamav anywhere. So I checked their website and found the wonderful Dag Wieers maintaining all kinds of clamav binaries for RedHat and Fedora.
While at it, I'm trying to build a local clamav server too, so my servers all update from an internal repository instead of the web (as it's easier on the lives of our security officers!). I'm not sure of and how I can do that, though.

Unbreakable Linux: Yum Repository Setup

Oracle updated their instructions on how to setup a local yum repository. They not only updated the up2date program to a new version, but also now include the option to download both 32bit and 64bit sources to your yum server. Very handy!
Sadly, they didn't notify me on any channel and had to find myself... :'(

Slow Download Speed with Oracle Linux

I am having very slow downloads (up2date and yum) from my Oracle Linux boxes. A little research shows many (Fedora/RedHat) Linux users having the same problem. I'm guessing Oracle's Enterprise Linux (OEL) has similar issues.
I am following steps outlined ona thread on and hopefully can report back with positive news. The thread lists one interesting sysctl switch I hadn't seen before...

Puschitz guides for installing Oracle on Red Hat

It seems Puschitz has been a valuable resource for everyone in Installing Oracle 10g R1,R2 on RHEL 4, 3 and 2.1. I am including him here.

Automating Installation of Oracle Database 10g and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

I have been searching here and there for some sample kickstart files to get started on creating an Automated Installation of Oracle Database 10g and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but all I can find are things I already know. I know Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) creates a sample kickstart of the configuration you've just completed in the root account of the server you['ve just installed. I know I can add pre and post-install scripts in that kickstart file. I know Red Hat has documentation on kickstart and there are some clever things I can do there. I know there is an oracle-validated RPM out now which will test my server for required packages and fetch them if needed. I know the Oracle installation guides lists which packages I need and which tweaks I must make after installation of Linux...
What I am looking for is a kickstart that:
- installs the minimum required packages for succesful installation and operation of Oracle (10g)
- tweaks the kernel and system accordingly after insta…