Automating Installation of Oracle Database 10g and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

I have been searching here and there for some sample kickstart files to get started on creating an Automated Installation of Oracle Database 10g and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but all I can find are things I already know. I know Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) creates a sample kickstart of the configuration you've just completed in the root account of the server you['ve just installed. I know I can add pre and post-install scripts in that kickstart file. I know Red Hat has documentation on kickstart and there are some clever things I can do there. I know there is an oracle-validated RPM out now which will test my server for required packages and fetch them if needed. I know the Oracle installation guides lists which packages I need and which tweaks I must make after installation of Linux...
What I am looking for is a kickstart that:
- installs the minimum required packages for succesful installation and operation of Oracle (10g)
- tweaks the kernel and system accordingly after installation
- sets paramaters and ORAHOME variables to values I choose (in kickstart)
- suggests partitioning of my disk(s) and defaults to a best practise as such
and so on.

Why is it so hard to get that? %#$@&#%$ I guess I'll post my own when I get it. ;)


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