Oracle Public Yum Server

Oracle has released the Linux base install repositories to the public. This means that, when you have obtained the ISOs for OEL4 or OEL5, you can install packages freely using yum. The so-called "base channels" are available for free and without support over Internet. This applies to Oracle VM (Xen) as well. All you need is their .repo files, yum check-update, and you're set.

Updates and Patches require a support license. Check Oracle Public Yum Server for details and howto.


jamkomo said…
After doing this, andn running,
yum check-update
I get ...

Reading repository metadata in from local files
No Packages marked for Update/Obsoletion

Which is strange because I know there should be several updates available...

What could I have done wrong?
Dreams said…
Hmm, it seems yum finds that your local cache is up-to-date and does not go out and fetch updated headers.

Perhaps, try 'yum clean all' first and then a 'yum check-update'. Also, your server may need a proxy to access Oracle's public yum channels. Use '$ export http_proxy=http://your_proxy:port/' to define a proxy before doing the yum update.

(Sorry for the late reply)

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