Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 Bèta

Just received notice that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 Beta has been out since October 28th... Sjeez! Why didn't I know that sooner...?
Anyway the bèta will last until January 9th, 2009, so when I get from holidays, I'll have my work cut of out for me.

RHEL 5U3 brings many, many virtualization (Xen) improvements. A new kernel (kernel-2.6.18-120.el5), rebased versions of monitoring tools (lm-sensors, net-snmp, openIPMI, openldap), new versions of yum and rpm, updated Kerberos subsystem, newer SAMBA (3.0.32) with support for Vista and Windows Server 2008, a ton kernel fixes and features, new hardware drivers (bcm43xx, bnx2/bnx2x, cpufreq, e1000/e1000e, mptscsi, qla24xx, etc.) and some interesting Technology Previews!

  • dm-multipath install, which should allow anaconda to install Linux on systems with 2 or more HBAs.

  • Support for ext4 file systems.

  • CIFS (aka SAMBA) enhancements in the form of kernel DFS support and Kerberos security.

Check the complete Release Notes for a full update of fixes and features.

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