Analyst: Red Hat 'deeply undervalued,' Oracle Linux 'has failed'

CNET News: "Red Hat has been taking a beating in the stock market recently, but in a recent research note leading analyst Mark Murphy of Piper Jaffray thinks this represents an exceptional opportunity to buy into a 'deeply undervalued' company. More interestingly, Murphy finds significant cause for Red Hat optimism based on Oracle's failed attempt to undermine Red Hat with its Unbreakable Linux product.

If Red Hat's model were fragile, the thinking goes, surely a behemoth like Oracle could make a dent in Red Hat revenues? Oracle got into the Linux game two years ago, hoping to cannibalize Red Hat's business for itself.

As Murphy points out, however, Oracle has completely failed to hurt Red Hat, calling into question the belief that Red Hat's demise is just a fork away. Novell, too, despite starting to build a decent Linux business of its own, as The VAR Guy has noted, has completely failed to touch Red Hat's rising revenue."

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