Sun OS/Solaris NFS FAQ

Due to the lack of some resources, I was asked to create an NFS server on Solaris. They figured all *nix flavors are alike and I should be able to do it.
I was able to get it running, especially due to help the SunHelp NFS FAQ. I still have an unresolved issue concerning mountd... That daemon keeps getting killed on the NFS server which results in no client being able to mount NFS shares any longer. *sigh*

Update: turns out Local Zones cannot run an NFS server. Only the Global Zone (on a physical host) can have an NFS server. Other zones can use an NFS client to connect to it, even from other physical hosts. Alternatively, you can replicate NFS shares between physical hosts in the Global Zone and use clients to connect to it. Or loop back to the Global Zone from the Local Zone using LOFS.

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