Mercurial and Subversion integration or migration

Besides good ol' CVS and the de facto successor Subversion (SVN), the new invention and wide-spread use of distributed version control systems (DVCS) such as Mercurial, Bazaar and git (used for the Linux kernel itself) also have their advantages. For one, iBanjo says you can "suck down the entire history of a Subversion repository into a local, private repository, do all of your commits locally, make branches, experiment all you want, then “push” back up to Subversion again.

For those interested in this functionality, there is now a very promising Mercurial to Subversion bridge called hgsubversion. Although still early, the bridge was done right and from the ground up using Subversion's own API and by someone with a good understanding of both svn and hg. The HOWTO is on iBanjo.


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