Linux, Firefox, DRAC5 console = no go?

Found a useful post on the Dell PowerEdge mailing list. There was a discussion to get DRAC5 and Firefox working, especially on Linux but for Windows its also useful.
Mark Watts finally gave the correct instructions.

Reports are that FF 1.5 also works but 3.x still does not.
[Update: When using DRAC v1.40, there are supposed to be Java plugins for Firefox 3.x]
[Update2: I can confirm that DRAC5 v1.40 works fine with FF2+ in Windows and Linux. Haven't tried OS X yet.]


Anonymous said…
I found out that with newest firmware update , that stupid DRAC console works , but only if firefox3 is executed under root ....

p.s. DELL RAC soft is nightmare ....

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