Issues migrating from RCS to subversion (svn)

Just a note, I'm still in the process of doing this...
We decided to switch to a better way of doing SCM (Software Configuration Management) now that we've a major release and more and more people are starting to fiddle (aka mess) with scripts and files.

We decided to use Subversion from CollabNet, as a natural successor to CVS. It could also provide corporate support, if needed, and has a nice SourceForge version with web-based GUI and all kinds of handy features. Also, our RCS repository seems to import well into Subversion. Bazaar and Mercurial also seemed to fit, but somehow I thought I would have a much harder time explaining them to the people working with it.

The note, while using cvs2svn to import RCS into SVN (using cvs2svn -s /var/svn/repositories/rcs_import --existing-svnrepos --use-rcs RCS), I ran into an error: "svn: Expected version '3' of repository; found version '5'". This seems to be due to a schema change between subversion versions... I'm running a patched OEL 4u5 and that gives me:

[root@server ~]# svnversion --version
svnversion, version 1.1.4 (r13838)

Update: Turns out I had subversion installed twice. Once from Oracle Linux and once from CollabNet. Updating your $PATH is important to determine the version you use. OEL is at 1.1.x unless you run OEL 5.x which has subversion 1.4+. Collabnet, naturally, uses the latest SVN version 1.4.x. I was converting using the latest version cvs2svn (schema 5) and trying to import it into SVN repositories created using Collabnet (schema 5) but using the svnadmin from OEL (schema 3). Hence the error...


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