HOWTO migrate from RCS to SVN

After a bit of stumbling around and getting confused using 2 versions of subversion, here is how I finally imported our entire RCS repository into Subversion from CollabNet.

Prelude: I installed the RPMs from CollabNet as indicated in their readme and used the wizard to config 2 repository. Only thing I added, was to make all the repositories in /var/svn/repositories writable by the group csvn: chmod g+w /var/svn/repositories/*. That way the web server's user/group csvn:csvn can read and write in there.

[root@server repositories]# ls -l
total 12
drwxrwxr-x 7 csvn csvn 4096 Jun 18 17:54 repo1
drwxrwxr-x 7 csvn csvn 4096 Jun 18 17:54 repo2
[root@server repositories]# which svnadmin
[root@server repositories]# which cvs2svn
[root@server repositories]# cd
[root@server ~]#cvs2svn -s /var/svn/repositories/io_se/ --use-rcs --default-eol=native RCS/
----- pass 1 (CollectRevsPass) -----
Examining all CVS ',v' files...
Starting Subversion r512 / 514
Starting Subversion r513 / 514
Starting Subversion r514 / 514
Time for pass16 (OutputPass): 17.40 seconds.

cvs2svn Statistics:
Total CVS Files: 265
Total CVS Revisions: 758
Total CVS Branches: 1
Total CVS Tags: 11
Total Unique Tags: 1
Total Unique Branches: 1
CVS Repos Size in KB: 1415
Total SVN Commits: 514
First Revision Date: Thu Jun 28 10:11:33 2007
Last Revision Date: Thu Jun 19 10:17:36 2008
Timings (seconds):
0.90 pass1 CollectRevsPass
0.06 pass2 CleanMetadataPass
0.01 pass3 CollateSymbolsPass
0.15 pass4 FilterSymbolsPass
0.03 pass5 SortRevisionSummaryPass
0.04 pass6 SortSymbolSummaryPass
0.19 pass7 InitializeChangesetsPass
0.37 pass8 BreakRevisionChangesetCyclesPass
0.41 pass9 RevisionTopologicalSortPass
0.08 pass10 BreakSymbolChangesetCyclesPass
0.30 pass11 BreakAllChangesetCyclesPass
0.19 pass12 TopologicalSortPass
0.49 pass13 CreateRevsPass
0.02 pass14 SortSymbolsPass
0.01 pass15 IndexSymbolsPass
17.40 pass16 OutputPass
20.67 total
[root@server ~]#

I now did a dump, just to have an easy dump file that I can reuse, in case something bad happens and I need a fresh backup.
[root@l0762 repositories]#cvs2svn --dumpfile=rcs-import.svn --use-rcs RCS/


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