Dell OpenManage clarified

I have been struggling with Dell's OpenManage Server Management a bit lately. Mainly because other people asked me to try it and gave me wrong links to information. So I'll clarify it here, for those getting started as well, and hope it helps someone.

Dell Server Management has a lot (!) of components and you don't really need all (or any) of them. But they can be helpful. We'll use it for Server Management, mainly to monitor our PowerEdge 2950 servers but also (hopefully) to unify BIOS settings and DRAC configurations remotely. That's why we need OpenManage Server Administration (OMSA).

OMSA consists of a number of things:
- OMSA Server
- OMSA Managed Node
- OMSA ITA (IT Assistance)

You'll only need one server (maybe two for fail-over and redundancy). The easiest way to install the server is add a yum/up2date repo from Dell. but I had trouble finding the "OMSA agent" or "OMSA client" that I'd install on all servers to be monitored by the OMSA server. That's what you'll need the "Managed Node" software for. It's 80 MB and just finished downloading, so more later...


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