Dell Linux - OMSA Hardware Monitoring

Just getting started using Dell's OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) on our Oracle Linux platform. There are some confusing instructions going around so it's not immediately clear what to do, hence my blogging here. :)

There is a site on Dell - Hardware Monitoring, as well as a wiki with instruction on how to setup their OMSA tooling using yum or up2date.

[update]My first update for their instructions:
    be sure your server has Internet access, as most servers will use a proxy or so.
  • use export http_proxy= to configure it just for the session,

  • and setup up2date to use an HTTP proxy by editing the settings in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date.


Andre said…
I have done this on EL5.1 and had to add the word 'Tikanga'to /etc/redhat-release as this is what Dell's scripts check for.
Dreams said…
Worked for out-of-the-box (OEL 4u5) *IF* I configured internet access properly. The bash shell needed an http_proxy setting and up2date also needed internet access through proxy to get the files from Dell (makes sense).

Normally, my servers don't connect to the internet directly or at all, so this was needed.

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