Configuring NIS

I got NIS working last week, but simply following HOWTO guide from Linux Home Networking. Thanks guys!
Only difference was that I explicitly defined /etc/securenets and did not need to set the NIS_DOMAIN_NAME as the server opted, but used my existing domain name instead. So instead of setting /etc/sysconfig/network to contain something like NIS_DOMAIN_NAME=MY-NIS-STUFF, I used the same name as my subdomain, i.e. NIS_DOMAIN_NAME=sub.domain.tld. After that, I started the NFS auto mounter on the clients, ran authconfig to set authentication to NIS (don't enable shadow passwords over NIS!) All that remains to be done, is testing, testing and testing, securing NIS for now, setting up a good, solid sudoers file and try to get Oracle's OEM working with NIS... (Hint: test or debug sudo with sudo -l)

Update: do yourself a favor and userdel and groupdel all local accounts or groups (except root) on your to-be NIS client(s), or at least prevent a NIS user from having the same name as a local account/group!

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