Anti-virus: ClamAV update

Just wanted to share an update about my clamav setup with you...
I currently have autoupdating of the data files working properly. But I still watch and download Dag Wieers' site for new packages of the engine. I tried swiping his site with wget for changes and automatically copying (aka mirroring) them, but the filenames are different each time. So I rely on the update emails from clamav and then check Dag Wieers' site. He usually has them pretty quickly anyway. (Thanks for that, BTW!)
I roll out the clamav RPMs in a script from a shared NFS mount, install them, copy my custom .conf files over the default and do a freshclam to get the latest data files.
I get the data files from a local web server, where I run a check every 6 hours for updates and put them in the root of the web server. The last thing is important, because it took me a while to get that right. The .cvd files must be in the web server's root, not in a subdir or so.

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