Unattended Linux network install

Finally got the scripted network install working as expected. Here is how...

  • Dell BIOS is at 1.3.7

  • Qlogic BIOS is at 1.24, BIOS enabled, boot LUN assigned.

  • I disabled the 2nd HBA so the server only has one path to the SAN.

  • Mount the Oracle Linux CD1 through Dell's DRAC interface and (re)boot the machine.

  • Typ "linux ks= ksdevice=eth0" to start the installation and load your script.

    Your kickstart script should be located in the root of your installation sources, i.e. where you stored the contents of all the CDs. The last parameters is needed in case your server has multiple NICs, like ours, and avoid being asked which network card you want to use for installation. Since DHCP is enabled on that subnet, that's all that is needed.

Now there is one more tricky part... upon loading the kickstart script, before the installation can start, you MUST disconnect the CD image that is still mounted in DRAC. If not, you get an endless loop and installation seems to hang. Press alt-F3 to check the status messages from the kernel. You'll it keeps searching for an .img file... just disconnect the CD image and it'll run.

Now, if only all the Kickstart Options would work as advertized and be used. I keep running into issues where the installer simply ignores my options... *sigh* oh well... little baby steps, Shrek!


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