Altiris - Imaging Oracle Linux with LVM

I tried to image our Linux servers, taking a "golden image" from one of our bare metal servers. I wanted to have a quick restore available in case I seriously cripple a serever during testing. In earlier runs, the restore worked but the Linux image had become unusable. GRUB wouldn't produce anything beyond its first 4 letters, so I created another server and imaged that. Same thing...
Turns out I am using a Dell Poweredge 2950 with a local disk in RAID1 (mirror). I only use the local disk as swap area, creating a big LVM Volume Group (VG) on it called VGinternal. The actual boot disk is a LUN on the SAN. It also uses LVM and I have a VG in the LUN called VGsystem. VGsystem holds the actual system partitions /, /var and /tmp.
When Altiris images this, it uses raw mode to capture the LVM partitions. Upon deploying the image containing LVM disk info, you must tell the DS to use the Linux environment. Not the WinPE or DOS modes... Testing it later...


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