Oracle's Linux, 802.1q trunking and VLANs

linux journalI've been working on the Linux servers the last couple of days and while the Intel PRO/1000 PT quad port server adapter works fine with Intel's lastest drivers and the on-board dual port Broadcom NetExtreme II was detected properly by Oracle Enterprise Linux (version 4.4 at this time), I still have some problems with network trunking and VLANs in Linux.
A colleague found a brilliant start-up script that simply processes the /etc/sysconfig/networking directory and starts your interfaces in the proper order and activates VLANs prior to bringing up the interface (eth0, eth1, etc), using the vconfig command.
Oh one note: you may have to activate the 802.1q trunking kernel module using 'modprobe 8021q' or it won't work. I had to...


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