Oracle Claims Yahoo as Linux Customer

Oracle first unveiled its Linux-support program late last year, at its annual user conference, and announced that it would provide the same type of enterprise-class support for Linux that is available for its other products. Oracle's Linux offering was dubbed Unbreakable Linux, and is aimed at providing bug fixes to current, previous, and future releases of the OS.

Oracle has signed up Yahoo as its first major Linux customer, announced the company's chief executive Larry Ellison. In a conference call to analysts about the company's financial results, Ellison noted that Oracle has signed several new support contracts, some for over half a million dollars. In claiming Yahoo, Ellison stated that Oracle had displaced Red Hat at the Internet company, as well as at other sites that he did not name.

Red Hat responded by saying that it has not been replaced at Yahoo, and Yahoo's spokesperson Leigh Day was quoted in news reports as saying that the company's current infrastructure Relevant Products/Services leverages both Red Hat and Oracle Linux products. More on this topic on NewsFactor Network.


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